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PAT Testing
Did you know 25% of fires start in the UK from a portable appliance? PAT Testing or Portable Appliance Testing is the name given to the process for routinely checking electrical items to ensure they are safe to use. This involves a formal visual inspection, check plug has been wired correctly, fuse rating check, insulation resistance check, earth polarity check (where applicable).
Under the law, landlords have a duty of care to their tenants and visitors to ensure that all electrical items provided are safe and routinely checked, if not, not only do you increase the risk of a fire but it will most likely void your buildings insurance cover and costs you thousands in repairs.
Document Checking Service
Our in-house solicitor can help review your contracts and advise what legal remedies are available to you. Although we cannot manage your case for you or represent you in court, we can assist you with filling out any court paperwork.
Landlord/Tenant Services
If you have a nightmare landlord or tenant, we can help you by ensuring they adhere to their responsibilities and if they are in breach of the tenancy contract, we can help you take it further.

  • Inventory checks with photos. As an independent third party our detailed inventory checklist prior to commencing any tenancy will help with any claims for damages with the Tenancy Deposit Dispute service.
  • Mediation
NLA Accredited
We are accredited by the National Landlords Association so you can be sure we understand your needs.
Process Serving
We can serve legal documents in the Lancashire area.

Did you know? – 25% of fires in the UK start from a portable appliance!

Let our qualified PAT testers minimise the risk to your tenants and your property.