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Property Management
We provide property management services to Landlords.
Rental Arrears
Our in-house solicitor can help review your contracts and advise what legal remedies are available to you to recover any outstanding rent. Although we cannot manage your case for you or represent you in court, we can assist you with filling out the court forms and guide you through the entire process at a substantially lower rate than solicitors.
Landlord/Tenant Services
 If you have a nightmare landlord or tenant, we can help you by ensuring they adhere to their responsibilities and if they are in breach of the tenancy contract, we can help you take it further.
Discount Solicitors and Barristers
If for whatever reason you still want to have representation at court or if the matter is too complex, then we can put you in touch with our panel of solicitors and barristers with whom we have negotiated discounts.

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